Maldives 1st Teacher Focused Edtech Platform


Schemes remove repetition within the lesson planning process

Combined collections

Schemes allow teachers to combine lesson plans from multiple grades, strands, substrands into one collection. Teachers can make multiple schemes to make subjects separate. schemes can be downloaded as a unit plan in excel.

Plan Once

When teachers create their schemes they need to add lessons to complete their Scheme. by doing so creating every future Lesson Plan too.

Scheming is not more time consuming

Thanks to pre-generated activities, lessons can be created instantly as activities are pre-generated. If a teacher needs another activity they can generate it. Once a teacher generates an activity, that activity can be used by all other teachers who do a lesson plan for the same outcome later on.

Digital Curriculum

A digital curriculum opens doors to many different uses of the national curriculum, over 90% of the National curriculum is currently digitized within lessonfuse.

Full access for premium users

Once you have access to Lessonfuse you have full access to the entire curriculum. This change was brought as we wanted to make it possible for teachers to do multigrade lesson plans

Activities that are relavent

Activities are a crucial component in Lessonfuse. They are generated based on outcomes, and includes educational competencies, Indicators of competency, shared values, resources needed, and detailed activity descriptions.

Checklists that are instant

Our digital curriculum powers Instant Checklists, including outcomes and indicators for tracking student progress. These checklists are also compatible with the template format of MEMIS.

Editing without any restrictions

Before reaching this final step in lesson plan creation, teachers had to choose outcomes, activities and so on. If teachers did pick all of them this screen will have over 70% of the content already filled in.

You can choose to edit anything

In this edit screen, whatever teachers write is final. Teachers can choose to even edit the outcomes if they wish

Bring your templates and let us fill the content

Use [ ] tags in a Word document (.docx), then upload to the template area for flexible customization of your desired lessons plans.


The Generate button is the old smart mode. we believe Activities offer a better experience due their instant availability. Although they don't cover all areas (e.g., Learning Intention, Hook, Closure) as these require more detailed information about the lesson plan than a singular activity.

Your own ideas

Anything you write within the activity section will be used by Generate as ideas for the lesson plan. Preference will still be given for achieving the outcomes and indicators.